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Cadillac CUE do not take eyes off road warning

Every once in a while, we get calls from customers indicating their CUE infotainment system is stuck on the "Warning" page. Photo shown below.

This warning page requires manual input to proceed past the warning page.

However, when your touch screen exhibits the most common cause of touch screen failure (Frozen, unresponsive), you cannot move past this screen.

So yes- replacing the touch screen with our gel-free replacements will permanently fix the issue.

Also- it is super common for people to order the cheap $20 ebay or amazon screens and then call saying it doesn't work.

This is because the chinese replicas do not offer any support, documentation, or instructions to help guide you.

Most commonly, you have a V2018 CUE unit and the cheap screens will not work with it.

The solution is to order the Premium dual mode below - its compatible with all CUE systems and guaranteed to work for you. Hope this helps!

Cadillac CUE stuck do not take eyes off road warning
Ever see this?

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