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This business started with a dealer trip in 2018. 

I was the owner of a new to me 2015 Cadillac ATS.






2 weeks after the purchase, my CUE touch screen stopped responding.


I took it in to the local dealer, and 20 minutes later the service manager brought me an invoice for $1,800. My jaw was on the floor, as this was nearly 20% of the vehicle's purchase price. 

The service manager mentioned that he sees this all the time, and the only option is to replace the CUE ICS (Integrated center stack), also known as the CUE module, with another unit. 

I asked, "Is the design fixed and will not happen again?"

He smirked and said, "Nope, we will probably see you in 3 years or less for another $1,800 CUE repair."

I walked out in complete shock. I've never seen such an egregious design error, with the company unwilling to take care of it only 70 miles outside of warranty. Most of the time when a company finds a design error, they roll in an update to correct after a year or two. Not in this case. GM is still using the same gel-based designs to this day.

So like most of you, I started searching online. There were thousands of posts on the forums of other Cadillac owners experiencing the same symptoms.


Multiple class action lawsuits filed, and closed with no resolution.


I am pretty technical and decided to attempt the CUE touch screen repair that the dealer refused to do. 

I ordered a screen online and received it. I spent a day taking my dash apart and put it in. Super disappointed. I couldn't see anything because of the glare, it was very cheap and light feeling, and was not as responsive as the OEM screen.

I tried another company. This one arrived and just plain didn't work. Called the support phone number, it was a disconnected Chinese number. I sent the screen back.

Frustrated with taking my car apart several times and getting no results, I started a quest to develop the absolute top quality replacement screen. My goal was to find a replacement screen that performed better than OEM and would never fail again. 

The following months were consumed with engineering analysis of the factory part, travel overseas to suppliers, and testing sample products. 

Finally, I had a solution that I was satisfied with. I installed it in my own vehicle, and started advertising installations locally. After a few months of doing the touch screen replacements for the local car club and dealer- I put the listing up online. 

Since then, it has been a huge success and I receive emails every day for customers that are overjoyed with their Cadillac CUE system functionality being restored for about $100, compared to the dealer quote of $1,800. In addition, the notable upgrades and improvements of the CUESCREENS replacement is highly appreciated by customers. 

Ever since the launch, all the CUESCREENS listings have been the top rated and highest quality available. My business is built on customer service,  supplier relationships, quality, and clear and accurate support.

My screens cost a bit more than some low cost alternatives, but that is due to the level of testing, quality, and support we provide. I find that most customers prefer to spend a bit more and get a better product, than save a few dollars and risk doing the job again.


Thanks for reading, if you have any feedback or advice I would love to hear it.





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