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Help! I installed my new screen and it's not working. 

You have come to the right place. First off- don't panic. Just read the following and you will figure out what's going on.

A couple things to understand:

People commonly say "everything is working except the touch.." 

The only thing the touch screen does is tell the system where you are touching.

It's just a clear glass panel, and you can remove it fully and the display should still be lit up. The display is illuminated and is a separate LCD panel that sits behind the touch screen. The touch screen has no impact on what is displayed. 

Also, if you ordered a competitor product or some cheap version on ebay or amazon- it is likely defective.  I would recommend just ordering our dual mode touch screen and installing it per the instructions.

Not responding- #1 most common:

Improperly inserted touch screen ribbon cable. Your installation must look exactly like the photo below. Every day, I get calls from people, and they text me photos of their ribbon cable insertion and it's too far out. It won't work. If there is any doubt, reseat the connection until it looks exactly like the photo. 

This is the correct installation


Everything here is from customers that couldn't get their screen working:

Not responding- #2 most common:

Cut or torn ribbon cable. I frequently have customers send back screens saying it's defective, when in reality its because it was torn or cut during installation. These tears can be very small and hard to see. They usually happen in the corner where there is a high stress point. If this happens, send an email to and we can replace it for you. 
















Not responding- #3 most common:

Make sure you are giving the system a minute or two to boot up while testing. Let it sit overnight and try again. Be patient here. Sometimes the HMI unit under the dash needs to be rebooted which happens while sitting. 

Not responding- #4 most common:

Damaged or destroyed connector. Sometimes I see inexperienced mechanics totally destroy the customer's unit by not reading the instrucitons and using too aggressive tools at the wrong areas. This can be broken locking clips, connectors ripped off the boards, torn

cables, etc. If this happens, the best solution is to replace the entire unit.

If you have checked all of those, and still cannot get any touch response, it is possible that you have a micro tear that is difficult to see. We can replace the touch screen, send a screen shot of your order to
Unit blacked out- Most common causes:

Make sure you are testing with the following conditions:


  • Blue cable plugged into back of unit

  • Any CD changer reconnected

  • AC faceplate fully closed and flush with face of unit

If you checked these, and are still having black out issues, it is due to a white ribbon cable inside the unit. 

Open it up, check the main ribbon cables, and carefully reconnect if they are loose. The most common cable to become loose during install is on the back of the LCD panel. Check below to see how to reconnect it. Be careful- you don't want to damage anything.


1mm max.png
torn cable 2.jpg
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