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Note: We assume no liabilities for any damages or claims caused by any installer listed here. This map is only intended to help customers find shops that we believe are familiar with the job. Please use your own due diligence when selecting a repair facility. 



If there is no shop listed near you- I can offer the following advice:

Search "your city, state + car audio" in google. You should then see a list of car audio shops.

Look for shops with good ratings (4.5+ stars) and a high number of reviews.


Give them a call and ask if they do the Cadillac cue factory touch screen replacements.


If they sound confident and have done the job before, it is probably a safe bet. 

If they aren't sure what you are talking about, or seem confused, just move on to the next shop on the list.


Most big cities have plenty of shops to choose from, as this is a very common repair that most reputable shops have done. 

Pricing shouldn't be more than 2 hours labor or so. 

Also, if you had a great experience with an installer- let us know! We are building the network and would love your feedback. 

join our team- become an affiliate installer

We are actively looking for honest, reliable installers in the USA. This website gets 25k hits per month with interested customers, and that means more leads for you if you are listed.  All we ask is that you use and recommend our products exclusively and charge customers a reasonable installation fee. 2 hours labor is reasonable. If it takes longer, something is wrong.

What insurance do you have?

Thanks for submitting! Your application is under review and you will be contacted in 24-48 hours

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