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replaced the cadillac cue touch screen and having unresponsiveness or erratic touches? HOw to perform a hard reset on all cadillac cue system

This is quite common and easy to fix. 

CUESCREENS products are all gel-free and unlikely to fail in the future as there is nothing to wear out. Any issues after installation are usually easily solved with a hard reset. 

Just like an older phone or computer- sometimes the software becomes locked up or has glitches and needs to be rebooted.

The CUE system is designed to be always connected to power so your backup camera can start up quickly, unfortunately this never gives the system a chance to restart and clear out errors. 

Try this procedure if you ever experience issues after replacing the touch screen.

  1. Turn the ignition on, engine not running.

  2. Open the CUE faceplate, thereby exposing the storage area behind it.

  3. With the faceplate up, turn off the vehicle.

  4. Open the driver’s side door.

  5. Wait 30-60 seconds with the driver’s side door open.

  6. Close the driver side door and start the vehicle.

  7. Lower the faceplate.

  8. Attempt using the touch screen again. 

  9. If you still have problems, please contact us at

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