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avoid cheap screens

The market is flooded with replica screens from a variety of overseas distributors. These are found for $20-$55 in many online stores. In fact, you may have bought one of these screens and been directed here for the install help. 

My advice, as a professional installer who has helped 150,000+ people get their CUE system working, is to return the cheap screen and order only Genuine CUESCREENS replacement products. About half of the cheap screens are dead on arrival (DOA)- and the ones that do work, leave the customer upset and paying install costs twice.

The replica screens are not visible in direct sunlight, the proximity sensors won't work correctly, and there is no technical support. Additionally, we find that these screens are produced in a dirty facility so there is dust, fibers, hair, plastic, foam and other debris embedded in the middle of the screen. 


Most customers opt to spend the few dollars extra for a Genuine CUESCREENS product in their Cadillac, rather than deal with the cheap knock offs. Many of my customers are people who are dissatisfied with the replica and need something that actually works and looks original.


Always look for the Genuine CUESCREENS logo


$35 replica screen from Autokay, CC, Motoku, etc. Not able to see in sunlight, prox sensors don't work, lots of foam and dust embedded in the screen layers.

do not touch any white flex cable

We have had many instances of customers ignoring this warning and removing or breaking the white connectors. These are easy to break and difficult to reconnect. There is no need to touch any white flex cable inside the unit.  Do not remove any white cable. One more time for the people in the back. Do not touch the white cables. 

If any white cables were removed, something has gone wrong. Do not remove any white flat flex cable


be careful with the screen ribbon cable

The screen ribbon cable connector is tucked into the display to protect it during shipping. This flat connector is how the touch screen communicates with the CUE module. Carefully pull it out with a toothpick or similar tool, be careful as it is very delicate.


This ribbon cable is how the touch panel communicates- it is easily missed or damaged by careless installers. 99% of situations where the screen doesn't respond after replacement is due to the ribbon cable not being plugged in right or torn. Be sure your installer is aware of this. If your installer damages the ribbon cable you will need to order a new screen, it is not replaceable and is NOT a warranty issue.


be careful with the black clip

The screen ribbon cable is secured by a hinging locking clip on the connector. Be gentle with this, you don't want the lock to snap off and fall somewhere. If this happens, it will require a full module replacement at $900.


To disengage the clip, simply use the micro ESD pliers to gently lever the tab upwards. You can also use the small trim tool to lift up on the clip. More details is in the screen swap video.

To reinstall, be sure the ribbon cable is fully inserted and press down until the lock clicks into place.


test before reassembly- Give it time

This is the most important: After installing the new screen and plugging it back in- turn the car on and TEST it to make sure everything works! Some 2017+ cars will be unresponsive right after you replace the screen- this is normal as the computers are synchronizing.


Just leave the CUE plugged in and the car locked for 15 minutes then re-test it. It should be working as long as you plugged everything in properly.

avoid scratches

Metal tools can scratch trim pieces or delicate plastic surfaces. Use only plastic trim tools when removing parts to avoid damage. Check our store page to add these tools to your order. 

Once the CUE module is out, place it on a soft surface when swapping the screen to avoid scratching it. 


Ribbon cable tips

During the screen placement, when routing the ribbon cable, DO NOT route the cable through little hole shown in the photo red circle. It doesn't fit and will damage it.

Do NOT route the ribbon cable through he hole circled in Red- it will damage the unit

Be sure you install the ribbon cable connector correctly. Shown below is the right orientation, sometimes installers place it upside down and it won't work.


Black side face up towards the black clip, gold pins down touching the circuit board, large tab toward you while installing. Fully seat it all the way in the connector before locking the clip.

Cadillac CUE touch screen connector insertion

Screw tightening and alignment

Cadillac used several suppliers from different countries when sourcing the CUE module. This variation causes slight differences in the position of the 9 screw holes on the screen.


It is recommended to leave out any screws that aren't lining up- you don't want to risk breaking it. The screen only needs 7 screws to hold it securely. If the other plastic screw holes are not aligned, don't force it, just leave the screw out. 

If you fail to install all alignment pins, the screen WILL CRACK when you install it. You will need to order a new one. It is not a warranty issue.


Try to get the plastic alignment pins through the metal holes on both sides first. If you do not align these, the screen will crack upon tightening.


If a few screws don't align well, just leave the screws out to avoid cracking.The screen only needs 7 screws total to be perfectly tight

Finally- check our troubleshooting section if you are having issues. 99% of installation problems are from not following the instructions or missing a step. If you don't feel comfortable disassembling the unit- mail it in to us and we will handle it. It will be far lower cost in the long run.  Good luck- contact us with any questions!

Disclaimer: CUESCREENS is not responsible for any damage caused to your vehicle. If you do not feel comfortable with doing this type of repair, seek the help of a local audio installer. 


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Once you have the module out of the car, follow these instructions to swap the screen

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