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2017+ JEep compass/renegade Uconnect 4 7" inch diy repair guide

Do you own a 2017+ Jeep compass or renegade with the uconnect 4 7" system? If so you may have seen this type of display issue on your touch screen. Keep reading for more information and guidance on how to solve it.

Why is the uconnect 4 7" having issues with black stripes lcd defect?

Here is what is happening. This infotainment system was designed with a major design defect that causes the LCD to fail within 3-5 years.

That's right, 100% failure rate. Right after your warranty expires, of course.

It is due to a poor LCD cooling chipset design from the original manufacturer.


What happens when the uconnect 4 7" LCD fails ?

When the LCD chip driver fails, it results in many common LCD issues. Black and white stripes, half blackout, ghost burn in, etc. We also may see touch response problems happen at the same time.


What different variations are there?

Because this display was used on so many different vehicles and different years, there are multiple different displays. it is very important to choose the correct replacement LCD touch display for your vehicle or it will not fit. Use our part finder at to ensure you get the right fit. 

What model vehicles are affected by the uconnect 4 7" LCD black and white stripes defect?

2017-2021 Jeep Compass

2018-2021 Jeep Renegade


Original PN

TDO-WXGA0700K00033-V2, TDO-WXGA0700K00057-V1 


what are my options?

Of course, this failure usually happens right outside of warranty.


If you go to the dealer, here is what will happen.


Diagnostic fee- $201.60

Head unit replacement- $1,202.23

Installation and programming- $509.12


However, there is no need to waste your time and money with the dealer.

We have engineered a superior touch panel assembly that you can easily install on your current head unit and fix all the issues permanently.


  • Easy: Install it in an hour in your driveway or garage. It's only 6 screws. No hassling with the dealer drop off appointments and picking your car up.


  • No glue headaches: Yes, I know you can find $50 Glass digitizer panels on ebay, but then you have to deal with removing the old glue and reuse your old LCD. Its a huge headache and adds 5 hours to the job and you usually damage your LCD in the process anyway. Our panels are bonded already so there is no glue hassles.


  • Save $$: Our panels are much lower cost than the dealer option


  • Permanent fix: We provide a lifetime warranty on the improved design.

How do i install it?

Easy! Pull the head unit from the dash and follow this video to open and replace it.  VIDEO COMING SOON

why choose cuescreens over the cheap replicas on ebay?

This is one of those things where you get what you pay for. There are dozens of cheap, replica counterfeit products online that are only focused on the lowest price possible. As a result, our customers report many common problems with those screens. Photos below. 

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