Product Questions

Why choose Cuescreens?

In the replacement CUE screen market, there are many cheap replica products for sale. We have tested all of these from Amazon and eBay, and found that they have many quality issues: -Incorrect screen size (.25" too small, corners are not visible) -Blocked off proximity sensor window to reduce cost -Foam gasket that leaks -Reflective screen, not visible in daylight. -No support -High failure rate (within 6 months) - Produced in a dirty facilty- you will find dust, debris, and foam/plastic embedded in the layers of the screen on the cheap replicas. The bottom line is- you get what you pay for. We have had so many customers that call us two weeks after they buy the cheap counterfeit display and are disappointed with the glare or weak touch response, or non-english speaking support staff. CUSCREENS offers free installation guides and videos, a 2 year warranty, free 3 day shipping, and USA based, master technical support. We are the #1 rated CUE replacement seller in the world, and trusted to supply GM dealers with replacement screens. Our products are triple tested before shipment to ensure a perfect replacement part. The cheap chinese screens are built and shipped with no testing, which is why they can be purchased for $35. As a result, you are rolling the dice with wasted installation effort and frustration. Do the job right the first time- choose CUESCREENS!

What years/ models are supported?

All CUESCREENS products fit the following models that have their original CUE module. 2013-2017 Cadillac ATS ATS-V
2015-2017 Cadillac Escalade/ESV/EXT
2013-2016 Cadillac SRX
2013-2017 Cadillac XTS
2014-2017 Cadillac CTS CTS-V 2014-2016 Cadillac ELR For vehicles that have had a replacement CUE modules installed by the dealer in 2018 or newer, we offer the V2018 screen which is compatible.

Will a replacement screen fix my issue?

If you are experiencing one or more of the following issues, all you need is a replacement touch screen to permanently fix the problem. -Cracking -Shattered/spider web appearance -Unresponsive to touch in some or all of the screen -Erratic or random touch response However, if you have a black screen or other electrical problems, contact us and we can advise the best and lowest cost option for you.

What is your return policy?

Customer satisfaction is the most important aspect of our business. Our return policy is a balance of providing you what you need, while covering our expenses.

Screen replacements can be returned within 30 days and are subject to a 30% restocking fee if installed. If not installed there is no restocking fee.

Replacement modules can be returned within 15 days and are subject to a 30% restocking fee.

To request a return, click this link.

What is your failure rate?

After selling over 15,000 screens- the overall CUESCREENS failure rate is less than 0.5%. CUESCREENS is a small, family owned business that is focused on providing our customers an alternative to the outrageous Cadillac dealer repair cost. We source the highest quality product available and maintain a good network of technical support. Our overall failure rate is less than .5%, but being a sensitive piece of electronics, occasionally there is a unit failure. We make up for this by being highly responsive and taking care of any issue promptly if given the chance. When you call, you will have a direct line with a USA based master audio technician. If you have purchased a CUESCREEN product and believe there are issues, please contact us immediately before posting a negative review.

Why isn't there a class-action lawsuit?

Several firms have been attempting to create a class for many years. However, due to the amount of affected vehicles (2 million+) and the high cost of repair ($1,500+), GM has been reluctant to extend the warranty to customers. The average profit made by Cadillac off each new vehicle is $4,000. This design error effectively wipes out 1/3 of their profit for nearly a decade if they chose to repair each one. The other problem is that their solution (replace module) is not a permanent fix, it simply "kicks the can" down the road for a few more years. Be sure to like and subscribe to our Youtube page to be made aware of any updates on this topic. You may be eligible for reimbursement for expenses related to the Cadillac CUE delamination if the class action lawsuit is approved and a settlment is reached.


How difficult is the installation?

Most of our customers finish the job in 1-3 hours with minimal experience. The most important part of the job is to take your time, review the videos and guides several times, and avoid using too much force when removing fasteners. Check the support section for more details on how involved it is.

What tools do I need?

A ratchet with 7 mm socket, Phillips #1 and #2 screwdrivers, and plastic trim tools are recommended.

Micro ESD pliers are also recommended to easily handle the black locking clip

How experienced do I need to be to do the install myself?

If you are patient and can follow instructions, you should be able to tackle the job. It requires watching the videos several times to understand what to do, and have patience when removing parts to avoid scratching any plastic.

The only time we really see issues during installation is when the instructions are ignored.

Can I drive the car with the module removed?

Yes. Your climate control will function on the last set function, for example, if it is on "Auto" before you remove it, it will continue on that mode.

The audio system and bluetooth will function, you can control it through the steering wheel controls.

What is involved in the installation?

Check out our page for videos on how to remove the CUE system from your car, as well as how to remove and replace the touch screen. Essentially, the job is similar to a car stereo replacement.

I don’t feel comfortable with doing the job myself- what are my options?

Some of our customers choose to have a local car stereo shop do the installation.

Otherwise, you can ship your CUE module to us and we will repair it for you.

We usually recommend that you search for "your location" and car stereo installers and choose a shop with lots of reviews and high 4.5+ star ratings.

Ask the installer if they have done Cadillac screen replacements. You will quickly know if the shop has done the job before based on the confidence of their response. Send them a link to the instructions to see if they can help you out.

Let us know if you found a great installer and would like to recommend them!

I accidentally got a fingerprint on the screen- how do I clean it?

Both the LCD panel in the CUE module and the CUESCREENS replacement touch panel are easily scratched. Only use a soft, clean, lint free microfiber and very gently clean the screen if necessary. Never use a solvent or cleaner, only use a damp cloth if you need to remove any stubborn oils.


What are the details of the Warranty?

CUESCREENS is the #1 rated CUE replacement seller. We have achieved this by selling only top quality screens, and providing the best service. However, like any product, there is a small risk that a defect could slip through our tight quality control process. If you ever have issues, please message us with a description and your order number. Terms of the Limited Warranty: -Applies only to the original purchaser and is not transferrable to subsequent vehicle owners. -Covers only the original price paid of the item. No ancillary costs such as installation charges, or cost of damage to other equipment will be covered under the limited warranty. - Warranty duration corresponds to the product tier selected. -If you are eligible for a replacement display, you will receive a code and link to order from our store.


How quickly will I receive my item?

We ship via USPS first class mail, typically 2-3 days shipping time. You can upgrade to Priority mail 2 day for an additional $4.66.

For international customers, we offer worldwide shipping at competitive rates. Check the shipping costs at checkout.

Do you offer overnight shipping?

Yes, although the cost is relatively high. Contact us prior to placing the order for a quote.