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mazda cx-9 delamination bubble repair info guide

Do you own a 2016-2019 Mazda CX-9 with the 7" Mazda Connect touch infotainment display? If so you may have seen this type of bubbling peeling delamination display issue on your touch screen. Keep reading below for more information and guidance on how to solve it.

This problem was also called MAZDA CONNECT CENTER DISPLAY CRACKING (SPIDER CRACKING) from Service alert SA-008/18 directly from Mazda. You can download the TSB here.

Why is the mazda connect touch screen delaminating or spider cracking and causing touch issues?

This mazda connect infotainment system was designed with a major design defect that causes a delamination bubble to appear after 5-7 years of use on every single unit made.


That's right, 100% failure rate.

The screen uses a glue adhesive used to bond the touch screen to the lcd, over time, this glue releases its bond and is called delamination, and it only gets worse with time. If you see the bubble, you know it is going to completely fail soon.


There are several different variations made by different manufacturers, but they all suffer from the same defect. You can see this glue on the separated panel below. This was a very common design from 2009-2020 for all types of touch screen displays. 


What happens when the delamination occurs?

This bubble results in the lost touch response, unresponsiveness, frozen touch, random touch, or other touch problems on your Mazda CX-9 and makes it totally useless. Some times it will call random people. We call this type of touch issue ghost touch or phantom touch

What model vehicles are affected by the uconnect 4 delamination?

2016-2019 Mazda CX-9 All Models

what are my options?

Of course, this failure usually happens right outside of warranty.


If you go to the dealer, here is what will happen.


Diagnostic fee- $201.60

Head unit replacement- $3,202.23

Installation and programming- $509.12


However, there is no need to waste your time and money with the dealer.

We have engineered a superior touch panel assembly that you can easily install on your current head unit and fix all the issues permanently.


  • Easy: Install it in an hour in your driveway or garage. Or take it to a competent qualified car audio shop. No hassling with the dealer drop off appointments and picking your car up.


  • Save $$: Our panels are much lower cost than the dealer option


  • Permanent fix: We provide a lifetime warranty on the improved design.

How do i replace the delaminated bubble screen on the mazda cx-9?

Easy 10 minute job! Check the video below.

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