Important Compatibility Note


There are two versions of the CUE system. The first version we will call the "Old" version and was manufactured from 2012 through August 2017.

The "New" version was manufactured starting August 2017. 

These two different versions look identical, but are internally different and require the correct screen to function.


The New version CUE system requires the V2018® screen.

Some 2013-2017 vehicles had their CUE system replaced by the dealer after approximately Aug ’17 and have the New version CUE system, despite being an older model year vehicle.

If your CUE unit part number starts with the number “8,” as shown in the photos to the right, it is the new version and V2018 ® is the only compatible screen on the market.

The crosshatch/plaid factory screen ribbon cable also indicates the CUE unit is not original and requires the V2018® screen.

We have had a TON of customers ignore these instructions and attempt to install the older model screen on the newer model radio.


It won't work.


You will waste 3 hours of time, have a screen that you can't return because it was installed, spend a lot of down time, and possibly pay an installer twice.


I don't know if my CUE unit is original- what should I do?


Here are your options:

  • Order both: If you are unsure if your CUE unit is original- you can order both versions and return the version that you don't need. This saves down time during the installation. Please note that we do not refund shipping costs.

  • Check service history: Sometimes the service history will show "radio replaced" and that can help you identify if it is a replacement unit based on the date of the repair.

  • Call the dealer: The dealer that did the repair may have the part number of the unit they installed. Make sure it is the part they installed, not what the catalog is telling them to order now. 

  • Check your radio part number: Remove the radio before ordering to make sure you are ordering the correct product for your vehicle. Your vehicle is driveable with the radio out. Just set the AC to a comfortable setting, and use the steering wheel for radio controls