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Have a black display on your cadillac cue system?

The first thing to understand is how the system is constructed. We sell the replacement glass touch panels which don't display anything- they simply tell the system where you are touching so it can react accordingly.

It is very common for customers to have issues after installation that are totally unrelated. Black screen, greyed out icons, no temperature, worn tires, etc. The touch panel has nothing to do with these systems.

You can remove the touch panel and the bright LCD panel should be illuminated behind if everything is working correctly. 

So- black screen is unrelated to the touch screen.


Let's learn about the HMI module.


That means Human Machine Interface.


It looks like this and is under your glove box area.


This device is responsible to send video to your Cadillac CUE display


When it doesn't work properly, you get a black screen.


Got it. So what's next?

First- check your battery

If your battery is low or weak, it will not have enough voltage to power up your HMI module. As a result, you will have a black screen.

You will want to have your battery load tested at a local auto parts store. Most stores like AutoZone or Advance will do this at no charge. If the battery is anything but good or healthy, replace it. 


next- pull all 'hmi' or display/radio fuses and reinstall

Check your owner's manual for fuse box locations. Pull any fuse that is related to display or radio and reinstall it. Sometimes this works for customers in a similar position.


last- if you still have black screen, it is a hmi defect

Sadly, at this point if you are not restored, it looks like a dealer visit is in order for HMI reprogramming or replacement. Sorry!

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