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VW MIB2 touch screen issues 
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Do you own a 2016-2019 Volkswagen with the MIB2 display 6.5" touch screen? If so, you may have seen this type of touch response problems or delamination display issue on your touch screen. Keep reading below for more information and guidance on how to solve it.

We are professional touch screen developers based in the USA and have encountered this issue in the past, and we can provide the best tips on how to solve the issue without spending a fortune at the dealer.

Here we can see an example of the phantom touch, random touch jumping around.

Why is the VW MIB2 touch screen failing and causing touch issues?

The VW MIB2 touch panel was designed with a major design defect that causes the touch system to fail after 5-8 years of use. 


That's right, 100% failure rate.

The screen uses a glue adhesive used to bond the touch screen to the lcd, over time, this glue releases its bond and is called delamination, and it only gets worse with time. Sometimes you see a bubble, sometimes now. 


There are several different variations made by different manufacturers, but they all suffer from the same defect. You can see this glue on the separated panel below. This was a very common design from 2009-2020 for all types of touch screen displays. 

Chrysler uconnect 4 delamination glue

What happens when the VW mIB2 touch screen fails?

When your touch screen fails on your VW MIB2, it causes the following problems:


  • Lost touch response 

  • Unresponsiveness 

  • Dead zones

  • Frozen touch 

  • Random touch

  • Ghost Touching (mind of it's own)

  • Random touch (buttons are being pressed at random)

  • Delamination or bubble appearance

  • Watery, leaking LCD appearance

What model vehicles are affected by the MIB2 Touch screen failure?

2016-2019 Volkswagen Jetta

2016-2019 Volkswagen Passat

2016-2019 Volkswagen CC

2016-2019 Volkswagen Golf

2016-2019 Volkswagen GLI

2016-2019 Volkswagen GTI

2016-2019 Volkswagen Polo

2016-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan

2016-2019 Volkswagen Sharan

2016-2019 Volkswagen Magotan

2016-2019 Volkswagen Scirocco

Skoda Octavia


What lcd and radio part numbers are affected by the MIB2 Touch screen failure?







200 680 682 STD2 

682 200

680 200

5C0 035 684, 5C0035684, MIB2

5C0 035 680B/C/D/E, 5C0035680, MIB STD2

what are my options?

Of course, this failure usually happens right outside of warranty.


If you go to the dealer, here is what will happen.


Diagnostic fee- $201.60

Head unit replacement- $3,202.23

Installation and programming- $509.12


However, there is no need to waste your time and money with the dealer.

We have engineered a superior touch panel assembly that you can easily install on your current head unit and fix all the issues permanently. This way you reuse 90% of your radio unit that is still good. 


  • Easy: Install it in an hour in your driveway or garage. Or take it to a competent qualified car audio shop. No hassling with the dealer drop off appointments and picking your car up.


  • Save $$: Our panels are much lower cost than the dealer option


  • Permanent fix: We provide a lifetime warranty on the improved design.

What's the deal with applying a new digitizer over the old one?

Essentially, you have two options when deciding to fix your MIB2 head unit. 

You will find a lot of people on YouTube and on the forums that simply buy a new digitizer for under $100, and stick it on top of the old one, we call this a digitizer stack. We offer this method and it can be useful in some cases, for certain customers.

The other option is to replace the complete replacement bonded LCD / touch panel assembly with our improved design. 

Replacement LCD touch panel PROS

  • Gives you a perfect image with no weird reflections or double image. 

  • Solves delamination bubble leaking glue appearance

  • Will give you a 100% OEM original look

  • Easier install as you dont need to clean or align the old glass

Replacement LCD touch panel CONS

  • Much more expensive than only the glass for the digitizer stack

Digitizer stack PROS

  • Very low cost

  • Solves your touch response issues as long as you don't have any delamination or leaking glue

Digitizer stack CONS

  • Challenging to install without dust or debris between the layers

  • Two layers causes a reflection or double vision effect

  • Does not solve situations where the glue has leaked out or delaminated. 

So- hopefully that gives you some perspective on what route is the best for you. 

We offer both options for customers to choose.

I would say replace the entire LCD touch panel if you are someone who likes to have their car perfect, or if you have the leaking glue bubble appearance. 

However, if you are on a budget, and don't mind some odd reflections and double vision blurriness on the display, you can choose the digitizer stack also.

Of course, online you will find tons of replica junk for $10 that simply doesn't work We only recommend genuine cuescreens products and you can order with the link below. Other overseas sellers have many confusing options with thickness, frosting, film, etc. Order our products to get the best one available without worry.

In this video you can see a customer installing the digitizer stack method. 

VW Volkswagen MIB2 II Touch Screen replacement unresponsive dead zone ghost touching

How do i replace the lcd and digitizer on my mib2 vw radio head unit

Easy! Pull the head unit from the dash and follow this video to open and replace it.  We are working on getting videos on how to pull the head unit from the dash. Videos coming soon

Why are all MIB2 failing?
What happens when it fails?
Affected models
Affected part numbers
Options to repair
Digitizer stack method
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